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“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”

Three divisions: How ReFLEX Dance classes are organized for the best learning experience for everyone.

ReFLEX is divided into three primary educational venues; the Children’s Dance Center with classes that build a strong foundation in dance for ages 3 - 7; Recreational Dance classes for students 8 & up who wish to take one to three classes a week for fun; and our Dance Program Classes, a combination of progressive classes for students interested in more involved dance study.  Enrolling your child in the right type of class is the first step to a successful dance experience, so read on to understand your options, today and for the future.


REFLEX is renowned for our children’s classes with a specially designed children’s dance room where creativity garnishes a traditional dance education.  In this room, equipment is placed to accommodate the smaller dancer, a broad range of colorful props and learning aids are displayed and an observation window is available so parents can watch their child’s lesson. The REFLEX children’s program was featured in Dance Teacher Now Magazine as one of America’s most progressive youth dance education programs.  Classes in the Children’s Dance Center are categorized into specific age divisions to meet young students’ developmental needs. Most classes offered are combination classes that include creative movement, and ballet (and include tap, jazz and some tumbling from age 5 on) and are designed to build a broad dance foundation, but some classes in individual subjects are also available.  All teachers at REFLEX follow one defined syllabus (the KIDDANCE Syllabus written by Ginny East and used by dance teachers nationwide- the studio publishes a newsletter of creative dance concepts that hundreds of teachers around the country depend upon to keep their classes fresh, and you can check it out at KiddanceConcepts.com ) so regardless of who teaches the class, your child will master the skills required in the level and be prepared for the following progressive level. The parent’s primer is designed for younger student’s parents explaining more about the REFLEX youth dance education program.


For students ages 8 & up who wish to study a subject once a week, REFLEX offers recreational dance classes in Tap, Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop, Lyrical, Acrobatics and yoga/aerial yoga.  The emphasis in these lessons is to build physical awareness, teach fundamental dance skills and to make learning to dance fun. Since dance development is limited when students participate in dance lessons only one or two hours a week, these classes are structured by age. This way the work presented is age appropriate and students in a given class have similar maturity levels. Students will progress and learn, but most of the exercises remain at the beginner/intermediate level. As the student advances to more mature age levels, the lessons become more challenging. Recreational classes are the best choice for students with a variety of interests, limited time, and those who wish to take dance just for fun and fitness.  


For students interested in more involved dance study, REFLEX offers a combination off classes called the Dance Training Program. These classes are not listed on the normal schedule because the class is not available to non-program students , but the times the dancers meet are listed in the lower right corner.  Students interested in this progressive learning experience are placed in a level determined by technical proficiency and progressing from one level to the next is accomplished by mastering skills - age is not a factor in this progressive program.  Beginner levels of The Dance Program start with two classes a day, two days a week. (We have a one day “Pink” program which is designed as a gentle introduction to program for young students.) Intermediate and advanced levels dance a minimum of two classes a day, three days weekly. The objective in Program classes is to develop strong dance technique and performance skills and this demands regular attendance, exemplary behavior, and encourages dancers to be their personal best.  Enrollment in the Dance Program is the best choice for students who enjoy challenges, desire to become an accomplished dancer, who may want to go to college for dance (and/or would like to earn scholarships), and for students who naturally embrace a more disciplined learning atmosphere. Students in the Program Classes often do solos or competition teams since they are more involved in dance.

To learn more about our Progressive Dance Program see here 

We believe strongly that the key to success in training a dancer is to get the student into the best class for them, and this can change from year to year depending on their physical and social development as they grow and change. To help parents choose the best class for their child, we do yearly evaluations for every child. If your child is a younger student or a once a week dancer, we send home a form at the conclusion of the season to let you know how they’ve been doing with recommendations for future study. Students in the dance program will be invited to come in with their parents for a one on one evaluation with the dance teachers. In these evaluations, we discuss the student’s growth, strengths and areas that need focus, discuss placement for the following year, and give recommendations for future study.  We take the time to evaluate every dance student  because we understand every child like an individual deserving personal attention, and as a part of our attempts to work with parents to make dance progressive and positive experience.