Extra 30 Min - $20
Extra Hour  - $35

Premium Character Balloons- $15

Would you like a special Guest at your party? A real Ballerina? Ariel? Rapunzel? Just ask and we can find most princesses, and a variety of other special guests. Prices vary.

Want your party catered, but don't want to have to deal with ordering and pick up? We can take care of it! Cost of food plus a $25 service fee.​

Birthday Parties

At ReFLEX, we know a birthday should be a wonderful adventure, so we do everything we can to make your special day memorable. With a variety of party packages available, you can pick a theme that fits the personality of your child, and completely customize it for that extra special touch.

Our parties begin with a private class with the music and activities focused on celebrating your child's special day. Next is a theme-related craft for everyone to take home as a fun memento. We provide as much or as little as you wish. You can be completely hands on or sit back and enjoy while we take care of everything. Celebrate with a private instructor who knows how to make the day special & your child and their friends will have a ball. 

Basic Party includes:


*A private class with a certified instructor

*Goody bags

*Paper Goods (Cups, Plates, Cutlery, Napkins)



Up to 12 guests - $175.00 

*Additional guests $5.00 each

Ballerina Party

(For ages 3–7) 90 minutes
For a festive celebration that is tutu much fun, consider a ballerina birthday party. All guests are invited to wear ballet attire (but boys can enjoy this party too) and the birthday girl receives a crown to wear and keep. The party is hosted by a certified instructor who will lead the children in dancing games and creative exercises in our fanciful Children’s Dance Arena. Then, the party twirls to our festively decorated table where cake and refreshments are served and gifts may be opened.

Karma Party - Yoga, Aerial Yoga or both!

(For ages 7 & up) 90 minutes
Yoga is all the rage, and what better way to celebrate your day than to invite your friends to become one with a universe of fun!
This party begins with yoga challenges, games and skills introduced in a private class that gets everyone to stretch, balance, and practice being a human pretzel.  We play games to enhance environmental awareness, intuition, and positive affirmations, then move to our party room to make peace- themed jewelry to wear home. Next refreshments and gifts!

Tea Party

(For ages 3-12) 90 minutes

A sophisticated and beautifully decorated table awaits our little ladies as they stroll in for a party they won't forget. Guests are encouraged to wear beautiful dresses or for our dapper gentlemen, perhaps a bow tie! A certified instructor will lead the Birthday girl/boy and their guests into our dance room to learn some special dances such as the Waltz (for our older guests) and the Hokey Pokey (for our younger dancers). Next our party goers will work on a craft and enjoy cakes and refreshments at their tea party.

Hip Hop Party

(For ages 7 & up) 90 minutes
ReFLEX puts the fun in FUNKY! A certified  teacher leads the group in a birthday-themed private class to learn all the latest hip hop moves and we see how fantastic everyone’s dancing looks under the effects of moon flower lights and glowing black lights! An art project to make a funky craft rounds out this ultra fun party for young  hip hoppers.  After the class, the party moves to the festive table for refreshments and to open gifts.

Deluxe Party Includes:


*A Private Class with a Certified Instructor

*Goody Bags



*Paper Goods (Cups, Plates, Cutlery, Napkins)

*Publix Cake and candles

Up to 12 guests- $215.00

*Additional Guess $5.00 each