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The ReFLEX Children's Dance Center is a studio dance space designed specifically for young dancers, ages 2 - 7. One step inside and you know you’re in a world like no other. Rainbow striped walls, sparkling figurines and a colorful display of props and theatrical effects light up your child's imagination, making the excitement of dance come to life. The atmosphere is one of festivity and creativity to foster a love of dance from the first lesson on. Basic dance skills, physical awareness, and musical aptitude are developed through creative exercises that are as fun as they are beneficial, making your child's introduction to dance a positive experience in every way.

Everything is "right sized" for younger students as well, with lower barres, child friendly props, softer acro mats and musical instruments for hands on learning, all designed to cater to the specific needs of younger students. We have two observation windows inviting parents to watch the class in progress so they can feel comfortable with the quality of instruction, but thanks to a two way mirror, the students are not distracted and the class can proceed without unnecessary distraction. Our Children's Dance Center classes are limited in size to assure each child gets the attention she or he deserves.

All youth dance classes at REFLEX follow the KIDDANCE syllabus, a special program that introduces dance without the stifling effects of an outdated, ridged approach. Young people learn through play, and under this premise, we camaflauge dance technique and the building of strong basics in exciting, fun exercises that inspire movement, expression and the wonder of dance. All material is consistent with the educational development of each student's age, and thanks to preselected music and defined exercises parents can rest easy knowing that only age appropriate, conscientious material will be introduced in the classroom.

In the KIDDANCE program, young students learn proper studio etiquette and behavior while developing physical awareness, creative expression and a sound foundation for the more structured dance technique they will receive when older.  All teachers are trained in the KIDDANCE methods through a 40 hour training, promising consistency from class to class and level to level, regardless of the day, time or teacher you sign up for.

Adults curious about the KIDDANCE system are invited to visit the website (KiddanceConcepts.com) to learn more about this program. We also plan a special dance awareness class in February when parents are invited to participate in their child's lesson so they can learn more about dance education from the "hot seat". This special parent/child partner class is not only enlightening, but allows the young at heart to share dance with their child and bond through a joint adventure in music, movement, and togetherness. (Select the tab "Kiddance" to read about the history of this popular youth dance education program, now taught in dance studios nationwide.

“I'm more interested in arousing enthusiasm in kids than in teaching the facts. The facts may change, but that enthusiasm for exploring the world will remain with them the rest of their lives.”
Seymour Simon

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