Registration will begin in late June. For placement inquiries, please email

Program is for students seeking pre-professional training, built on a solid foundation of ballet and jazz technique. Program dancers are trained in hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and other genres to create a confident, versatile dancer that can excel in the professional world. Students are required to adhere by the dress code and attendance policy to help create the best possible learning atmosphere, as well as discipline. Program dancers are chosen by our teachers at the end of each season, or must audition in order to be eligible.  

Jr. Program: Thursday 5:30-7:30


Level 1: Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 - 7:30

Level 2: Monday 5:30-7:45, Wednesday 5:30-8:00, Saturday 9:00-11:15 Plus 1 Elective


Level 3: Monday 5:30-7:45, Wednesday 5:30-8:15, Saturday 9:00-11:15 Unlimited Electives


Level 4: Monday 6:00-8:15, Thursday 6:30-9:00, Saturday 10:15-12:00 Unlimited Electives


Level 5: Monday 6:00-8:15, Tuesday 6:30-9:00, Thursday 5:15-7:45, Saturday 10:15-12:00 Plus Unlimited Electives