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 Recital 2017 - June 10 and 11 @ Booker High School


 We will be having two shows to accommodate our student body, but each class is assigned only one show (unless the child is in Program, in which case those dancers perform in both shows.)  Each show will last approximately 2-2 1/2  hours and will be entertaining and fun for all.   ReFLEX plans for the recital far in advance by ordering costumes, planning dances, producing a program and arranging sets and theatrical effects as early as October; however, students will not begin learning their dances until February or March. We try to spend as much time as possible teaching dance technique and theory and devote only the time needed to choreograph the year-end demonstration.
Learning to dance only begins in the classroom. Since dance is a performance art, students need avenues to develop dance skills on stage so they can take their classroom knowledge and put it into practice for an audience. For this reason, we plan a year-end recital event for our students to showcase their skills. This performance opportunity is an important part of the training process as students learn about theater, rehearsals, perfecting a dance, and showcasing their skills.The ReFLEX recital is an exciting event featuring the students in a professional style theatrical review.


COSTUMES: For each class your child is enrolled in, you will be required to purchase a costume.  Costume ordering begins in November, but will not be passed out until they arrive in April. Once ordered, the costume is yours to keep whether or not you participate in the show. Students are measured in November and two inches is added to their girth for projected growth between ordering time and the show. Orders are placed as payments are received for the costumes. A picture of the costume selections, or a sample costume, is on display when available (usually when we return from Christmas break).  

Children's Dance Center Classes (mini movement, creative dance, dance combo, creative combo, dance/gym or combo. $60.00 plus tax ($64.20)

Recreational Classes (Junior, Preteen & teen level classes.) $65.00 plus tax ($69.55) per costume.

Program Classes – Every Level will pay $50 Production fee which includes rental of a ballet costume, cleaning of the costume, and help with the cost of props, music, and sometimes the construction of costumes, head pieces, etc.

Jr. Program, Level 1, and Level 2 will also pay $75 plus tax ($80.25) for their jazz costumes.

Level 3 and Level 4 will also pay $75 plus tax ($80.25) for their jazz costumes, but are subject to other costume fees as other numbers are set. These fees will be kept to a minimal, or they may be required to utilize something from their own wardrobe and/or purchase particular pieces on their own.

Students will need to wear appropriate dance shoes for the performance and may need a specific color or brand of tights to match the costume. We will order these through the studio to pass the bulk discount on to you.

FINALE SHIRT: In addition to the individual class dances, each student in recital will participate in the finale. Students may purchase a recital T-shirt for $15.00 as a keepsake, or they can opt to wear a plain t-shirt in the same color. The finale is a wonderful climatic event that is a highpoint in the show. Students will learn this full cast dance in the last weeks before the season’s end.

TICKETS: Tickets for the recital performances will be on sale in April. People often say, "Why must I pay to see my own child dance? Of course you are not really paying to see your child dance (you can watch that in your living room). Ticket revenue is necessary to pay for an exciting theater venue, professional technicians, sets, programs, lobby displays, backstage organization, teaching staff, and other required recital elements which create a performing experience that is memorable for both the dancers and the audience celebrating the dance experience with them. Tickets are $15.00 per seat.

COSTUME ORDERING: Costumes must be ordered months in advance to assure they arrive in time for photographs and for the show. We begin placing orders in November and continue with late orders through Jan. 30th. The earlier you order your costume, the more you save. Dancers participating in our year end show will take home their costumes the week of April 1st. Students who discontinue classes will receive their costumes in May, after all students performing in the show have been sized and have received their costumes. (For obvious reasons, we must be sure all performers needs are taken care of first before releasing the extra costumes, in case an unexpected costume emergency occurs.) A preview of the costumes will be available in the lobby after the new year inside our costume book. 

Reminder: THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS FOR COSTUMES THAT HAVE BEEN ORDERED, regardless of how early or late you order. If you order a costume and your plans change so that will not be participating in the show, you will still receive your costume in May, which may be then used for dress-up or future Halloween event, but please understand we can not refund costume payments once processed.  


OPTION 1 (EARLY DISCOUNTS) For the best price, order your costume(s) early. If you pay in full for your costume(s) before November 15th.

OPTION 2 (LATE ORDERS) If you register late in the season, or if you wait to order your costume after Nov. 23rd, you must pay an additional $10.00 per costume for the mailing surcharge. It is important that you place your order no later than Jan. 30th to assure we will receive the costume on time. Orders placed after Jan. 30th are late orders and may require extra handling and mailing charges for rush delivery. There is also no guarantee that the costume will be available as costume companies sometimes run out of material or cannot produce the costume in time for our recital.

OPTION 3 (COSTUME PAYMENT PLAN) ReFLEX offers a convenient costume payment plan that allows you to spread your costume payment over a 4-month period. From November through February you can add 1/4th of your costume bill to your monthly tuition bill to spread your costume payment out. This is often a helpful plan when you are purchasing more than one costume. If you discontinue dance for any reason after enrolling in the costume payment plan, you have the option of paying the balance of the costume fee at the time of termination and receiving your costume in May, or forfeiting your costume deposits. If you chose to enroll in the costume payment plan after Nov., you must pay the number of payments missed in the plan, and then can join the monthly payment schedule. (All costume balances in this plan must be paid in full by February). To enroll in the costume payment plan, please visit the office to make arrangements.

VIDEOS: We hire a professional video company to make a wonderful video of the show. Videos are available for anywhere from $30-$50 each and can be ordered at the show. There is no video taping of the performance- and we reinforce this rule to assure no one is disturbed by neighboring guests trying to tape their child and disturbing the show. It is also vital we reinforce this rule to secure a company that will come to do our upgraded video.  We appreciate everyone's cooperation on this matter.