Recital is such an exciting time. But it can also be confusing if you have never experienced one before. To avoid any confusion and in an effort to keep all of our parents/guardians informed, we put together some important info regarding recital below as well as a timeline of things leading up to it.

February - Recital choreography begins for all classes after Valentines Day (and sometimes a bit sooner). Costume ordering finishes and some costumes even begin to arrive.

March: Recital T-shirts are $15 and every dancer receives one. They are not only a lovely momento but are also worn during the Finale of our show - Every Dancer on Stage, wearing the same shirt, celebrating our awesome year! This charge will be on your account in March.

April: Costumes are tried on. Recital tickets go on Sale! Tickets range from $15-20. 

May: Choreography is finishing up - Many times we will invite you into class to video, which will help your dancer practice at home. We also invite you in so they will get used to an audience. Sometimes we even visit other classes to show one another. In Studio Pictures happen this month. 

June: Recital Time! We have a Dress rehearsal on June 14th @ Booker. Dress Rehearsal is mandatory and is a chance for parents to video and take photos. It is a chance for dancers to understand how to use the stage and what its like to be up there in the bright lights!

Frequently Asked Questions:  

1. When will I know what show my child performs in?

   -All Pre professional Dancers will be in both shows. All other classes will know which show by the end of February. Of course you want to know why! The reason is because we have children signing up until the end of January - a few stragglers come the first week of February. We try to accommodate every family possible by not having siblings in two separate shows. We also have to create a flowing and fun lineup for the show which takes some doing. Its not always easy to coordinate over 180 kids  (many in multiple dances), and 33 classes. 

2. Who needs a ticket?

​  - Everyone needs a ticket. Children under the age of 4 who will be sitting on the lap of an adult do not need a ticket.

3. Why do I have to pay to see my child dance?

   -Of course you don't have to pay to see your child dance, you see it in your living room daily. You are paying for a wonderful opportunity. You are paying for a professional show. You are paying to be entertained for approximately 2 hours and some of that time is by your own child and his/her classmates. 

4. What is my child doing when they are backstage?

   - During the show, all students are backstage in different classrooms. The younger students are together and are having a really fun time together. There is a screen in the room so they can watch the show. We ask that they bring some coloring books and crayons to pass the time. We also have some great parent volunteers backstage who assist children with costume changes, bathroom breaks and getting to and from the stage. If there is any sort of emergency, we will be sure to come find you in the audience. 


June 15-16 @ Booker High School Auditorium

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