COVID-19 Policies and Procedures                                                                            August 5, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ReFlex is taking drastic measures to ensure that our staff, dancers, and their families remain safe while returning to dance. Dance is a very social art, but new regulations require us to maintain 6 feet apart while dancing. It is important to talk to your child(ren) about these new practices at the studio so they understand that we cannot hug or high five or stand next to our favorite friend for now. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our school.

Drop Off and Pick Up

a. The lobby is closed. Parents of children age 5 and up may drop off their dancer         curbside. They will be greeted by a teacher, have their temperature taken by a contact-less thermometer and brought into the building. At the end of class, children will be brought back to their parent’s car curbside. For Parents of Children 4 and under, if you do not feel comfortable with dropping curbside, you may walk them into the building but must wear a mask.

b. Outside shoes will not be allowed in the dance rooms. Dancers must utilize hand sanitizer as they enter the building (after taking their shoes off) and before exiting the building. Any adults entering the building must sanitize their hands in addition to wearing a mask.

2. In Class
a. To maintain social distancing, each studio has the floor taped off in a grid. Each box is 6x6. Each dancer will maintain 6 feet of space between themselves and each dancer and instructor. The amount of dancers per classroom has been drastically limited. Dancers who utilize the ballet barre will again be 6 feet apart. 

b. Our teaching methods have been modified to adapt to social distancing guidelines. While it is common practice for our teachers to use a hands on approach for corrections, we will be entirely hands-off and using only verbal corrections, with the exception of acrobatic or tumbling. 

c. Teachers are required to wear face masks. Dancers age 7 & up are required to wear face masks. 6 and under may wear at their parents discretion. 

d. After any shoe changes, children will be given hand sanitizer again. 

e. We have scheduled our classes 10 minutes apart to allow for proper sanitization of the class room, including floors, barres, props, door knobs, and music station. 

3. Communal areas
The playroom is closed along with the Lobby. Class times have been staggered for less traffic flow in the lobby and hallways. 
Water dispensers are limited at this time. Please be sure to pack a water for your dancer. 
Bathrooms are fully stocked with soap and hand sanitizer. They will be wiped down as frequently as possible (between classes if time allows), and properly sanitized at the end of the day. 

4. Continued Policies (revised) 
If your child is sick (fever, or sneezing, or cough) please keep them home. Any child with a fever may not return to dance unless they have been fever free for 3 days. 
Personal items may not come to dance. Please only send your child with what they need for that class in a small dance bag. DO NOT have them walk to class from the car to the studio in their ballet shoes. Please be sure their hair is up and away from their face, as we cannot assist them with it.