There are no excused absences in the Dance Program. Of course, sometimes students will miss a class due to illness, school functions, or family conflicts. In cases where students miss, they are required to make up the class in either an alternate program class or an open class of the same subject.  Mandatory make-ups will assure a student doesn’t fall behind in his/her training physically, and dancers are less likely to “take a day off” unless they truly can’t avoid missing dance. Our strict attendance policy is not to punish students who miss classes, but to honor the students who are committed and who go to special lengths to schedule their other responsibilities so as not to interfere with dance.  If a student is injured or feeling poorly, they are encouraged to attend and watch the class in progress. 



DRESS CODE: The greatest benefit of dance is developing self-discipline, which carries over into all areas of a successful life. We expect our Program dancers to have organizational skills and a willingness to follow rules. They are expected to come prepared for dance with appropriate dancewear, shoes and their hair secured in a bun. If students look and act professional, they are one step closer to becoming professional. Our dress code enables a teacher to see the lines of the body and it also eliminates distractions from the training process. Students must wear a black leotard and tan or pink tights. Black dance shorts are allowed for jazz or contemporary class. No other cover-ups. Dancers are required to purchase Program issued black leotard, dance belt, and black shorts from the studio that is used as a base for performances. Hair must be secured in a slick bun, off the neck and no bangs. No exceptions. Proper dance shoes are required for each class. Students who are not in dress code may be asked to observe the class.   We are happy to teach the students easy and proficient ways to secure their hair, so it is not the parent’s worry. As part of the curriculum, program dancers learn self-sufficiency and responsibility. 

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For students seeking a more professional level training experience than can be had in the looser structured recreational classes, ReFLEX offers Program, which are a series of classes with a curriculum that explores all dance forms with a strong foundation in ballet and jazz, broadening into Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Pointe. Beginning with Junior Program; a one day, two hours a week introduction to this approach to training (for our youngest program students- age 8), through intermediate levels where dancers enjoy several days of classes a week, to Level 4, our advanced program where students can dance everyday and prepare for college scholarships and pre-professional training opportunities, the dance program is the perfect choice for those students who long to pursue a career in dance, or just wants to achieve excellence for personal satisfaction. All students must be "placed" to assure they are in the appropriate level for their physical, social, and intellectual understanding of dance. This assures everyone is working to their best potential. This closed system, where the classes are more structured and each group works consistently with students of similar level and technical ability and all classes are designed to compliment each other and assures no "holes" in the training. This makes a well rounded, diversely talented dancer who has opportunity to explore the many faces of movement to expand their horizons artistically and stylistically. Participants (with their parents) receive personalized evaluations with the teachers twice a year to help them get the most out of their classes and make choices that will help them achieve their goals in dance.