Tuition Policies

Tuition at REFLEX is based on a yearly rate for the weeks that classes are in session, excluding the weeks REFLEX is closed for holidays and including dress rehearsals for our year end show.  For your convenience, tuition is divided into 10 equal monthly payments (Sept. through June – 38 weeks of lessons) and a partial month in August.  The monthly tuition payment remains the same regardless of how many lessons fall in a given month because your monthly payment does not reflect that particular month’s lessons, but is seen as one portion of the entire year’s dance tuition.  We do this so that your tuition payment remains constant, rather than paying more on months with extra classes or less on months with holidays. (For example, December and June provide fewer classes due to holidays and our season recital, however, other months offer 4 or 5 lessons. In lieu of lessons in June you also have a recital, dress rehearsal and show(s) to attend.  

Of course, we hope everyone will love dance and stay with us the full season, and we believe it is important to teach children to finish what they start, but we also know sometimes life gets in the way, or a child’s interest or focus changes, and we don’t feel anyone should be “forced” to dance. Therefore, if for any reason you need to cease your year's obligation at REFLEX, simply notify the office of your withdrawal in writing prior to the month you plan to discontinue, and your billing commitment will be canceled.  You will not be discontinued without notifying the office and simply not coming to class will not relieve you of your tuition obligation- so please follow procedure and notify us of any change in intention regarding enrollment.

 If a student is absent because of illness or is on vacation, there are no discounts given for classes missed.  However, we have a generous make-up policy that allows you to make-up as many classes as you miss due to illness or other circumstances.  You may not skip a monthly payment if you do not attend classes, but you are invited to make-up the classes at your convenience or forfeit them.  Once again, this is because you are not paying a monthly fee for the classes taken in any given month- the year’s tuition has simply been broken down into convenient payments and a payment is due each and every month regardless of attendance.     

We are sorry but there is a strict
NO REFUND policy for moneys paid in advance for tuition or costumes, even in cases where students have not taken a class.  For this reason we ask our students to carefully choose the classes they want to take, knowing in advance the payment is taken as a guarantee of holding that student's space for a class.  A student may, however, apply her tuition towards other classes if he/she chooses to change the day or subject he/she wants to study.  Tuition is not transferable to other students or family members. In cases where payment is made for a costume that you will not be using at recital, you can either lose your deposit or finish paying for it and you will still receive your costume for dress-up or play.

Reoccuring Payments

We have financial obligations that make it important tuition is paid in a timely way and therefore we have implemented an reoccurring system to make it easy for everyone to keep up to date and so we can keep the studio functioning as well.  Each month, on the 5th, your account will be debited from the credit card of your choice, should you opt in for reoccurring payment when entering your credit card information. On months costume payments are due, you will paying both the tuition and costume payments unless you make alternate arrangements, such as requesting the costume payment plan to disperse the costume fees over several months. We will remind everyone of this additional upcoming payment. If you are undecided about the recital, or not sure how you would like to make the payments, you can make alternate arrangements with the office. Anyone who opts out of the auto pay system will pay a service charge of $12.00 a month added to their tuition, so we highly encourage everyone to use our auto pay.
In cases where alternate arrangements are made to pay outside of our auto pay system, any payments received after the 10th of the month, (regardless of the day of the month on which the 10th falls), are past due, and must add an $10.00 late charge. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.  If your tuition payment changes for any reason, such as adding or deleting a class, or if you are registering another family member, you can make these adjustments online. If you need assistance doing this, please contact the office and we will make the adjustments.